Balance and Information Reporting

Quick access to your finances

Save time by using Trustmark’s Balance and Information Reporting solutions to reconcile your accounts online, on a CD archive, or directly into popular accounting software applications.

Explore Balance and Information Reporting solutions:

myTrustmark® Business Online Banking

Check Image

Full and Partial Reconciliation

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

Cash Position Reporting Solutions

myTrustmark® Business Online Banking

Manage your finances faster

Enjoy secure, full-featured banking with point-and-click convenience. You will save your business valuable time and money every month by checking your account balances, transferring funds, and paying bills online.


  • View pending transactions for more accurate balancing
  • Isolate specific transactions based on date, amount, or serial number
  • View front and back images of cleared checks and deposit tickets
  • Download transactions for easy reconciliation
  • Request stop payment orders
  • Create account-based alerts for balance notification
  • Transfer money between Trustmark accounts
  • Initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) and wire transactions
  • Pay bills online

myTrustmark® Business Mobile Banking

Check balances, pay bills, initiate internal transfers, and approve ACH and wire transactions, all from your mobile phone. This service is available exclusively to myTrustmark® Business users by mobile browser, SMS, Android, iPhone, and iPad apps.

Check Image

Archive your check images

Business customers can store and research cleared checks, deposited items, and returned checks with ease by using Trustmark’s Check Image product.

A daily, weekly, or monthly CD can be created for you with images of the front and back of each check written. You can print, fax, or email straight from your computer without the need to install new software. Drop the CD into any computer in your office, and the program will start automatically, allowing you to easily research and resolve check issues with vendors or employees. Whether your company is writing a hundred or a thousand checks, you can reduce your research time and save space by eliminating the need to store boxes of checks that can be made available on one CD. 


  • Save time by viewing specific checks based on account, amount, date, or serial number
  • Save money by reducing the time spent on research
  • Reduce storage costs by electronically storing imaged checks on CD
  • Print, fax, or email front and back images of your checks
  • Compatible with most PC's and no software to install

Reconciliation Services

For protection and accuracy

Use one of Trustmark’s Account Reconciliation (Recon) Services to increase the accuracy of your account reconciliation as well as help protect your account against fraudulent activity. 

Full Recon

Under the Full Recon option, you provide us with a file of your written checks (checks issued), which is matched against the items that clear your account (paid items). We then reconcile any differences, check for encoding and other errors, and provide you with a printed matched-items report and an outstanding list.

Partial Recon

Under the Partial Recon option, we provide you with a paid-items file of the items that cleared your account (paid items) during your reconcilement period. When the file is sent to you, you then can upload the information into your accounting system for automated reconciliation.


  • Save time by allowing Trustmark to help automate your month-end processes
  • Save money by reducing employees’ time spent on account reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent check activity on your account
  • Increase the accuracy of your account reconciliations

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

Interpret ACH Addenda Records

With the expanded use of expedited payments, many companies now need to send or receive EDI transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Posting these transactions to your accounting system can be challenging without a way to interpret this information. Trustmark’s EDI Services can resolve this dilemma by delivering information to you or your trading partners via email.


  • Reduced paperwork speeds up the posting process
  • Increased accuracy in A/R postings
  • Reduced credit risk by quicker receipt and posting

Cash Position Reporting

Additional tools to help track your transactions and balances

Use one of Trustmark’s Cash Position Reporting solutions to assist with the management of your account balances.

BAI Reporting

Automate daily delivery of information regarding your company’s balances and transactions through reports that are provided in the universally-compatible BAI file format and are easily uploaded into most accounting systems. There are many benefits to knowing your company’s cash position when there are multiple banking relationships involved.

Outbound Data Exchange

Data Exchange services enable you to manage all of your accounts without the hassle of contacting each financial institution separately. Trustmark provides your daily transaction information to your lead bank or processor so that it can be collected by you from one central source.


  • Minimize idle cash balances
  • Assure appropriate liquidity
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities to reduce borrowing
  • Analyze and project funding needs