Cash Management

Simplifying cash management

Whether you have a large, established business or a small startup, Trustmark can provide all the resources you need to manage your company’s finances. Trustmark’s cash management products and services offer you an improved bottom line by helping manage cash requirements within your company. Coupled with options to make the best use of your funds, we provide an effective means of managing your financial requirements. 

Balance and Information Reporting

Operate your business effectively with quick access to your financial information. 

Save time by using Trustmark’s Balance and Information Reporting solutions to reconcile your accounts online, on a CD archive, or directly into popular accounting software applications.



Collect payments and deposits more efficiently. 

Depositing payments into your bank account fast affects your bottom line in more ways than one. Improving cash flow predictability will increase employee productivity, decrease clerical tasks, and boost customer satisfaction—just by making receivables easier.


Manage payments and find rebate opportunities to enhance your bottom line. 

Commercial bank customers are focused on controlling operating costs in an effort to stay competitive. Trustmark offers several solutions to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) operations, especially automating labor-intensive tasks.

Fraud Alert Services

Protect your business accounts.

Trustmark’s Fraud Alert Services help you to actively monitor your business accounts to reduce the risk of fraud and limit fraud losses.

Other Cash Management Services

Additional services to optimize your Cash Management operation.

Trustmark offers you additional cash management services to help improve your bottom line.