Cash Position Reporting

Additional tools to help track your transactions and balances

Use one of Trustmark’s Cash Position Reporting solutions to assist with the management of your account balances.

BAI Reporting

Automate daily delivery of information regarding your company’s balances and transactions through reports that are provided in the universally-compatible BAI file format and are easily uploaded into most accounting systems. There are many benefits to knowing your company’s cash position when there are multiple banking relationships involved.

Outbound Data Exchange

Data Exchange services enable you to manage all of your accounts without the hassle of contacting each financial institution separately. Trustmark provides your daily transaction information to your lead bank or processor so that it can be collected by you from one central source.


  • Minimize idle cash balances
  • Assure appropriate liquidity
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities to reduce borrowing
  • Analyze and project funding needs

Trustmark's Cash Position Reporting Product Sheet