Streamline and automate

Commercial bank customers are focused on controlling operating costs in an effort to stay competitive. Methods to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) operations, especially automating labor-intensive tasks, are very important to finance departments. Companies are increasingly focused on process improvements and then supporting them with automation.

Trustmark’s ePayables solution, Paymode-X, is a B2B settlement network that helps organizations transition from paper checks to electronic payments and remittance delivery, reducing the overall cost of AP while creating a valuable source of cash via rebates. Organizations that join Paymode-X are able to speed payments, eliminate paper, reduce labor-intensive processes, and deliver critical transactional information. Paymode-X is rapidly becoming the way businesses prefer to pay and get paid.


  • Creates revenue opportunity in Accounts Payable
  • Helps reduce the cost of doing business
  • Increases Accounts Payable productivity and optimizes working capital
  • Speeds migration to electronic payments through a turnkey solution