Positive Pay

Reduce the risk of fraudulent check activity

With our Positive Pay service, we make sure the checks you issue are the checks that clear your account. Positive Pay helps detect fraudulent activity sooner and helps your company avoid unnecessary losses. Each time you issue checks, you submit an issued-checks file to Trustmark. We compare this file to all the checks that clear your account on a daily basis. If any unmatched items appear, Trustmark notifies you with the details of the suspected check(s) and lets you decide whether or not to pay the item. The Positive Pay Service also gives our tellers the ability to verify in real time whether or not a check presented for payment is a good item.


  • Ability to make online pay or return decisions on checks that are not identified in your issued-checks file 
  • Helps prevent operating losses and time-consuming fraudulent check handling, research, and reconcilement 

Trustmark's Positive Pay Product Sheet