Reconciliation Services

For protection and accuracy

Use one of Trustmark’s Account Reconciliation (Recon) Services to increase the accuracy of your account reconciliation as well as help protect your account against fraudulent activity. 

Full Recon

Under the Full Recon option, you provide us with a file of your written checks (checks issued), which is matched against the items that clear your account (paid items). We then reconcile any differences, check for encoding and other errors, and provide you with a printed matched-items report and an outstanding list.

Partial Recon

Under the Partial Recon option, we provide you with a paid-items file of the items that cleared your account (paid items) during your reconcilement period. When the file is sent to you, you can then upload the information into your accounting system for automated reconciliation.


  • Save time by allowing Trustmark to help automate your month-end processes
  • Save money by reducing employees’ time spent on account reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent check activity on your account
  • Increase the accuracy of your account reconciliations

Trustmark's Reconciliation Services Product Sheet