Sweep Services

Automate funds transfers between accounts 

Automatically transfer funds between your business deposit accounts, lines of credit, and investment accounts with our Sweep Services. It works to minimize the interest you pay, maximize the interest you earn, and provide worry-free account management.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Sweep

When funds are needed in sub accounts, Trustmark's ZBA sweep will initiate an automatic transfer to fund the account(s). If excess funds are available in sub accounts, an automatic transfer will be initiated to transfer funds back to the master account.

Investment Sweeps

Maximize your company’s interest income with Trustmark’s Investment Sweep product to automatically move excess funds from your company’s checking account(s) to your choice of available investment options. You can choose from multiple Money Market Mutual Funds or an Overnight Repurchase Agreement. Each of these short-term investments allows you to maximize your interest income while minimizing the time you spend investing your company’s excess cash.

Line of Credit Sweep

Minimize the interest your company pays on its revolving line of credit by letting Trustmark move excess funds from your company’s checking account to automatically pay down your line of credit. When you need funds in your checking account, Trustmark will automatically advance funds, up to your available limit, to cover your disbursements and restore your target balance. No more worries about funding decisions, and you never advance more than you need.

Two-Way Sweep

Trustmark can combine the best of both worlds — borrowing and investing — by integrating your revolving line of credit with your investment vehicle of choice to automatically manage your checking account. By doing so, you are ensuring that your dollars are working for you all the time, minimizing the interest you pay using the Line of Credit Sweep and maximizing the interest you earn through the Investment Sweep.


  • Save time from making funding decisions by allowing Trustmark to tie checking account(s) to your line of credit and/or investment account 
  • Reduce costs by reducing interest paid and overdraft fees, and increase interest earned on excess funds 
  • Complete automation of fund transfers, allowing Trustmark to do the work 
  • Minimize funding errors by directly associating your accounts together with Trustmark’s Sweep Services 

Trustmark's Sweep Services Product Sheet