Public Services

Targeted services for public entities

Public entities have unique deposit, investment, and borrowing needs. Trustmark understands your specialized requirements and is here to serve you with products and services that help you meet your financial goals.

Deposit and Investment Services

Accounts that meet the specific needs

Trustmark can assist with your deposit and investment needs no matter the size of the transaction. Our team is qualified to answer your questions concerning checking account transactions, specialized issues relating to collateralization of deposits, and any other cash management issues. We work to earn your trust by being your financial partner and finding the best solutions to meet your needs.

Financing Services

Financial solutions specifically for your needs 

One of Trustmark’s Public Services primary functions is to provide financing solutions that are specific to state agencies, municipalities, counties, school districts, and other public entities. Here are just a few of the financing tools that we typically offer.

Lease-Purchase Program

Trustmark offers simple, customer-friendly documentation prepared in-house for entities in certain states. We finance all types of equipment, from copiers and computers to backhoes and fire trucks, as well as buildings and facilities. Lease-purchases, if subject to annual appropriation of the governing body of an entity, are not subject to the debt limit of an entity.

Other Financing Tools

Includes Tax Anticipation Notes, Grant/Revenue Anticipation Notes, Certificates of Participation (COPs), Revenue Obligations, Special Tax Obligations, Municipal Utility Districts, Tax Increment Financing, and General Obligation Notes and Bonds.

Cash Management Services

Simplifying cash management

Trustmark can provide all the resources you need to manage a public entity’s finances. Our cash management products and services offer you an improved bottom line by helping manage cash requirements. Coupled with options to make the best use of your funds, we provide an effective means of managing your financial requirements.


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