Business Banking Services

TrustNetWeb: Internet Banking for Businesses
We're making online banking easier.

The Internet is certainly changing the way people do things. From shopping for books to booking vacations. And now Trustmark is bringing our small and mid-size business customers a new level of ease, convenience and flexibility with TrustNetWeb.

With TrustNetWeb, customers can access their accounts and conduct their banking anytime, anywhere.all they need is a personal computer with access to the Internet.

TrustNetWeb enables our small business customers to obtain their balances, view account history, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and request Stop Payments. Customers can even export information to compatible accounting software for easy check reconciliation. All with the ease of a few keystrokes. TrustNetWeb is truly a powerful and user-friendly solution for business owners and managers with little time to spare.

Our business customers will enjoy enhanced features, including the ability to make book transfers, bill payments and ACH payments and collections.

Importantly, research shows that TrustNetWeb is just what business customers are looking for. According to independent surveys, nearly 60% of business owners and managers said they would take advantage of electronic banking if it were available. That represents a huge market for electronic banking and a great opportunity for Trustmark to better serve our customers.

TrustNetWeb offers many important advantages. It improves productivity by enabling business people to do their banking at their convenience, 24 hours a day. It can reduce administrative time and costs by eliminating the need to wait in line or to call bank personnel for information. And it can improve cash management by providing a company's management with fast access to account balances and other important data.

We're already known for our commitment to service. Offering TrustNetWeb is a way of saying, 'if there's a way to make your business life easier, we'll offer it.

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