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Teller Career Path


Training, Development, Promotion.

Tellers are the core of Retail Banking


Tellers work in a fast-paced environment with constant customer interaction. For many customers, our Tellers "are" Trustmark, and all that it represents. Building long-lasting relationships with customers, as well as having a thorough and complete understanding of our products and services, make our tellers an integral part of our business.

Teller talking to a customer. Teller talking to a customer.

What a typical day looks like


  • Assisting customers with their transactions
  • Managing a cash drawer
  • Identifying opportunities to offer customers additional products and services

Enjoy the benefits


  • Flexible schedules, including weekdays and some weekends
  • Working with a mentor for further training, development, support and accountability
  • Attaining success through a defined career path
Man smiling at a camera. Man smiling at a camera.

Career Advancement Opportunities


  • Teller I - Teller Trainee
  • Teller II - One year of teller experience
  • Senior Teller - Three years of teller experience
  • Head Teller I
  • Head Teller II
  • Teller Supervisor