Risk Management Center

Help protect your company with Fisher Brown Bottrell's Risk Management Center, a unique web-based software suite of safety and risk management tools to empower your organization's risk prevention efforts. 
Fisher Brown Bottrell's Risk Management Center allows you to reduce risk and enable employee safety by creating effective risk mitigation programs. It is easy to access and use, and provides a cost-effective risk reduction and safety center for your entire organization across all departments and locations. 

Efficient, Cost-effective and Time-saving Strategies

The Risk Management Center is right for any organization that wants to proactively manage their risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce claims, losses and associated costs. 
The goal of the risk management program is to reduce risks and injuries, while improving profitability. The Risk management center enables employers to: 
  • Meet OSHA hazard communication requirements 
  • Access a best-practices safety library
  • Train employees efficiently and effectively 
  • Build a behavior-based Safety program
  • Manage certificates of insurance to limit liability 
  • Create job descriptions and modified duty programs
  • And much more

Benefits at a Glance 

  • Used by over 45,000 organizations worldwide
  • Comprehensive risk management platform eliminates the need for multiple programs
  • Easy access through web-based applications
  • Complete library of safety and risk management materials based on industry best practices 
  • Tools for true behavior-based safety program 
  • Comply with regulatory requirements 
  • Improve profitability through reduced costs and increased productivity
  • No internal development or maintenance costs
  • Customized to your organization's needs

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Workers' Compensation Auditing Services

Your Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier can drastically affect your Workers' Compensation Premium. Did you know that overcharges occur nearly 70% of the time within all Workers' Compensation premiums, and reserves can be overstated for unit statistical plan filing purposes and cause an inflated Experience Modifier averaging 27%? Let our team of knowledgeable and experienced Workers' Compensation consultants help you to make your Experience Moidifier as low as possible and reduce premium expense.
No Cost Analysis
Reformat of loss runs showing all open claims impacting modifier 
Claim Status Reports 
Shows all claim file documentation and the corresponding dollar value of reserve reduction
Actual Liability Avoided 
Shows the dollar value and liability avoided due to the system's effectiveness 
Experience Modifier Reports 
Shows errors in data, missing information, impact of claim frequency and severity, ownership issues intrastate, interstate combinations, weighting, ballast, discount and expected loss rates, evaluated deductible plans, projection of future modifiers, verification of accuracy, filings for revision and claim sate maximums.
Claims Under Audit Report 
Complete list of claims under audit
Cumulative Activity Report 
Shows the overall dollar reduction in reserves and corresponding experience modification points
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