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Trustmark Mobile Banking :
Guide to Features

We are pleased to offer a new access channel for our customers, Trustmark Mobile Banking. Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances, recent transactions, transfer funds between Trustmark accounts and pay bills. Think of mobile banking as a slimmed down version of your TrustTouchWeb Internet banking service. See a Flash demonstration of Mobile Banking.

The mobile service is currently offered in three delivery methods:

This version uses the local mobile browser found on higher end smart phones. Usually this is installed by your cellular carrier. The mobile browser works very much like your personal computer's browser. Essentially you enter the URL for Trustmark mobile banking, This will take you to the mobile banking website. Remember you are using a cellular network which has a limited amount of bandwidth. Thus the amount of information we are making availble is also trimmed down to facilitate faster response time.

Requirements to use Mobile Banking:

  • You must be enrolled in TrustTouchWeb, (click here to enroll if you are not already)
  • You must have a cell phone capable of sending and receiving SMS or text messages (primarily used for registration) and a data plan (data plan and SMS charges my apply depending on your cellular plan with your carrier)
  • You must tell us you want mobile banking by enrolling from TrustTouchWeb.This is a simple process
  • Only customers with the Mobile Banking tab will be able to enroll (If you want Mobile banking and this tab is not available please contact us by clicking Messages and request availability.)
  • Mobile banking works best on full featured smart phones though it is not a requirement


Mobile banking enrollment is easy. Click on the Mobile tab and fill in your information. (Note: You may set a different Mobile Login ID from your Internet banking logon.)

--Preview and submit your request
--Two SMS/text messages will be delivered to your phone. One with the Trustmark mobile banking link and the next requesting you respond "Yes"

If you want to use SMS/text based mobile banking follow the instructions in the text message by responding "yes". This will allow you to send balance requests to us by using very simple commands. This will be explained later.

Now that you have received your text message confirming enrollment you may now click on the mobile link we sent to go to the mobile banking service. This will take you to the log on screen. Enter your new Mobile Login ID.

Upon the first login you will receive one of your challenge questions.  Answer this correctly and the next screen you will see will contain your PassMark image and PassPhrase. This will match your PassMark and PassPhrase exactly as you see each time you log into TrustTouchWeb Internet Banking.

(Note: As we continue to develop support for more cellular phones, some smartphones, i.e., Blackberry, Android or Windows mobile devices, will receive pages similar to those designed for the iPhone.)







Available Services via Mobile Banking

Upon logging in, the mobile banking application initially displays the account balances of all accounts Image of account balances screenyou have selected to view from within TrustTouchWeb. These accounts are listed by your account nicknames if you have established them. So any accounts (checking, savings, credit card or loans) that are currently displayed there will display on your mobile device. Within TrustTouchWeb you may opt to display on certain accounts by clicking on Preferences then clicking Change Account Preferences. Balances are updated each time you log in, or refresh.  As with TrustTouchWeb, deposit account balances are updated in real-time during the banking day and loan balances are updated after posting.

There are two methods to view account transactions. One is simply clicking “Transactions”, select an account from the drop down box and submit. This returns the last 5 transactions that occurred on this account. The other method is Detailed Statement. This offers you 30 days of transactional history. (Pending transactions are not displayed in mobile banking at this time.)

Provided you have transfers enabled for TrustTouchWeb, you will have the ability to transfer funds between Trustmark accounts you own or are a party to. For example, you may transfer funds to a child’s account of which you are a named depositor or transfer funds to a mortgage loan as a payment.  Transfers occur in real-time just as they would on TrustTouchWeb.  Your deposit balances are updated immediately; however loan balances are updated after posting.  External transfers, outside of Trustmark, are not available through Mobile Banking.

If you are enrolled in Bill Pay, you will find all of your payees already listed in Mobile Banking. Mobile Bill Pay gives you the ability to pay a few bills on the go. You will not be able to add payees or change payees from the Mobile Banking service.  Please login to TrustTouchWeb to make changes to your payees.  (Reminder: Bill payments do not show in transaction detail until after they have posted.)

Within TrustTouchWeb you have more options for managing your mobile banking channel:

You may cancel or deactivate your participation in Mobile Banking by logging into TrustTouchWeb and selecting Deactivate or Unenroll under the Mobile tab. Deactivation is a feature that allows you to “turn off” mobile access in the event you have misplaced your cellular phone.  Later you may activate your mobile banking by clicking Activate under the Mobile tab.

Under the Mobile tab you will also find Usage Details.  This is useful in monitoring your mobile login and transaction activity. This way you will know when you last accessed the service through your mobile device and generally what action you performed. (Note: This does not diplay tranaction detail.)

Under the Mobile tab you have the ability to change your Mobile PIN and your Mobile ID. Click on the menu item and follow the instructions.  This change will take place immediately.  You also have the ability to change your Mobile PIN on your phone if you are using a mobile web browser.  However, you cannot change the Mobile UserID from the phone.

Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

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