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See which savings account best matches your goals. Be sure to consider how much money you're likely to keep in your account on a daily basis. All deposits are insured for up to the legal limit by the FDIC.

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More ways to save

Christmas Club

When the holidays come around, you’ll be happy you saved. This interest-bearing account gives you a convenient way to save monthly for the holiday season, with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance required. Learn more

Time Deposits

Yielding a better interest rate than other savings plans, these accounts are recommended for those who have longer-term goals and little need for immediate accessibility.

  • Certificates of Deposit

Save your money for a certain amount of time. CDs offer guaranteed interest rates that vary according to length of maturity. Minimum investment of $1,000. Learn more

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

IRAs provide a way to save for retirement and enjoy tax benefits. Trustmark offers several IRAs, including self-directed, with different funding arrangements. Our financial service representatives can provide advice on which is best for your particular circumstances, needs, and expectations. Learn more