Financial Planning

Reach your goals with a personalized plan

Trustmark Wealth Management provides modular or comprehensive financial planning as a value-added service for our most successful clients. Provided by experienced financial planners and backed by an institution you trust, our services focus on each phase of the life cycle of wealthaccumulation, preservation, and distributionand are designed to chart your course and help you take control of your financial future.

Our financial planners

At the center of our financial planning services are on-staff seasoned financial planners who have various credentials and memberships in a variety of professional organizations. Our financial planners coordinate the financial planning process through our Wealth Management Division, working closely with you and leveraging other areas of experience in our organization, from investments to trust to risk management. Our objective financial planners do not sell any products or services.

Customized for every client

Our financial plans are all about you and your needs. We customize every plan, based on a thorough and sophisticated analysis of your current circumstances, your future goals, your business, your life, and the people in it. From this foundation, we build a plan with both depth and breadth, covering a wide spectrum of future contingencies related to your business, your family, and your estate. Our ultimate goal is always to provide strategies that will assist you with your financial objectives.

The financial plan we prepare for you will be robust and fully integrated, addressing each individual area of need identified in the discovery process. As such, your financial plan will include all or some combination of the following:

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment allocation
  • Life, disability, and long-term care insurance and risk management
  • Education funding
  • Business succession planning

Executing the plan

Our financial planning services do not end with the presentation of our written recommendations to you. In working with our clients, we’ve found continuity between the planning process and implementation to be an extremely important element of an effective plan. Our Wealth Management team will work with your estate attorney and CPA in the execution of strategies included in your financial plan. Additionally, we recommend that your plan be reviewed and updated every two years or when significant life events occur.

We want to help you reach your goals, strengthen our relationship, build a stronger mutual trust, and earn more of your business. 

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Financial Planning services are offered through Trustmark Wealth Management, a division of Trustmark National Bank.