Welcome to Trustmark - Frequently-Asked Questions

What happened to my bank?

Reliance Bank has legally merged into Trustmark National Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trustmark Corporation (NASDAQ: TRMK), Jackson, Mississippi. Reliance accounts will be converted to Trustmark accounts over the Conversion Weekend. Please click here for more details.

What does this transaction mean for me?

Customers of Reliance became customers of Trustmark as of the legal merger on April 7, 2017. Please click here for more details.

How will this affect my account and the way I conduct my banking?

You can expect all the benefits of a larger, regional financial institution while still having the experience of a local community bank.

How do I know that Trustmark is financially sound?

Trustmark’s roots go back more than a century and despite the many economic challenges faced by the banking industry since then, Trustmark has been, and continues to be, a leader in capital strength among its peers. Our strong capital base significantly exceeds regulatory requirements to be considered "well-capitalized."

Will my deposits still be insured by the FDIC?

Yes, the FDIC will continue to provide deposit insurance up to $250,000 for each of your account ownership categories. Please speak with a financial services representative at any Trustmark branch after the Conversion Weekend to learn more.

What is Trustmark’s approach to lending, and how will my loans with Reliance Bank be affected?

Trustmark prides ourselves on being responsive to loan requests, and we offer a variety of loan products for individuals and businesses at competitive rates. At this time, the terms and conditions of your loans and lines of credit will remain the same.

What branches can I use?

Please continue to use Reliance branches until the Conversion Weekend, after which you can make transactions and request information and assistance at any Trustmark branch.

What ATM's can I use?

You can use your Reliance debit or ATM card at any Trustmark ATM location right now, with no service fee. You will receive a new Trustmark ExpressCheck Debit Card, Business Debit Card, or Express ATM Card the week of the conversion.

Will any branches be closed?

No. Trustmark is pleased to serve new customers in the northern Alabama area. You can expect to visit the same branches and see the same familiar faces in Athens, Madison, and Huntsville. You will also enjoy meeting Trustmark associates in our other branches across the Southeast.

What will happen to my Reliance Bank online banking accounts and mobile app?

At this time, you can continue to use your current personal and business online banking accounts as well as the same mobile app. We understand the importance of online banking services to our customers and will make this transition as seamless as possible. Your online banking accounts and mobile app will be converted to myTrustmark® or myTrustmark Business® over the Conversion Weekend. Please click here for more details.

Will the website address change?

Upon conversion, Reliance’s website will be combined into Trustmark’s at www.trustmark.com. This change will be accomplished automatically, safely, and securely - no action will be necessary from you.

What does Trustmark do to protect both my personal and account information?

Trustmark maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure your non-public information remains secure. To ensure the confidentiality of customer information, Trustmark has developed policies and procedures to guard against unauthorized access and disclosure and uses industry-accepted software that is regularly updated.

Should I expect someone to call me to verify my account information?

No, neither Trustmark nor Reliance will call you and ask you for confidential personal information. If you call us, however, we may ask you for some of that information to verify your identity. Please tell us if someone calls you, claims to be from Trustmark or Reliance, and asks for your confidential personal information.

Should I expect someone to email me to verify my account information?

No, neither Trustmark nor Reliance will request confidential information from you through email. Please tell us about any such unsolicited emails allegedly from Trustmark or Reliance.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the merger?

Prior to the Conversion Weekend, you can go to our merger website at welcometotrustmark.com. You also can call 1-800-243-2524, and a representative will be happy to assist you. After the Conversion Weekend, you can visit any Trustmark location, including former Reliance branches.