Workers’ Comp Auditing Service


We have a common goal: make your Experience Modifier as low as possible and reduce your premium expense.

Know what impacts your bottom line


Your Workers’ Compensation Experience Modifier can drastically affect your Workers’ Compensation premium. Overcharges can occur with Workers’ Compensation premiums, and reserves can be overstated for unit statistical plan filing purposes and cause an inflated Experience Modifier.

Discussing something on the tablet Discussing something on the tablet

Tools to help you reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums

Actual Liability Avoided Report

Shows the dollar value and liability avoided due to the system’s effectiveness

Claim Status Report

Presents all claim file documentation and the corresponding dollar value of reserve reduction

Claims Under Audit Report

Provides a complete list of claims under audit

Cumulative Activity Report

Shows the overall dollar reduction in reserves and corresponding experience modification points

Experience Modifier Report

Includes errors in data, missing information, impact of claim frequency and severity, ownership issues intrastate, interstate combinations, weighting, ballast, discount and expected loss rates, evaluated deductible plans, projection of future modifiers, verification of accuracy, filings for revision and claim state maximums

No Cost Analysis

Reformat of loss runs showing all open claims impacting your modifier

Relevant and meaningful results


Since 2000, our audits have resulted in:

  • 88% of claims closed
  • Over $37 million in reserve reductions on more than 1,000 claims
  • 33% reduction in total losses
  • Experience Modifiers lowered 33 points


Man with broken leg laying on couch. Man with broken leg laying on couch.

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