Healthcare Analytics


Analyze, plan and execute with complete confidence.

Know your numbers


Make informed decisions to better manage the rising costs of medical claims.


Man working on his desktop Man working on his desktop

Customized reporting to address your specific needs


  • Aggregate your claims, prescription, enrollment, biometric, health risk assessment, lab and other data
  • Work directly with vendors to collect your data
  • Assign a trusted support team to work towards your success
  • Visualize your data in easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Rest assured knowing that your information is safeguarded through data encryption technology

Better healthcare outcomes for your employees


  • Determine when unnecessary or inappropriate care occurs
  • Direct employees to high-performing doctors
  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Drive program compliance
  • Target opioid use
Colleagues laughing in an informal meeting Colleagues laughing in an informal meeting

Detailed and thorough information leads to validated decision-making


  • Manage the rising costs of medical claims
  • Predict future healthcare spending
  • Track costs by department or division
  • Choose effective wellness programs
  • Identify areas where care management programs will reduce costs
  • Monitor and curb rising pharmacy spend
  • Identify high-risk members in need of immediate intervention
  • Evaluate health-related claims, occupational injuries and lost time