Risk Management Center


A unique web-based software suite of safety and risk management tools designed to empower your organization’s risk prevention efforts.

Effective risk mitigation programs


FBBINSURANCE Risk Management Center allows you to reduce risk and enable employee safety by creating effective risk mitigation programs. It is easy to access and use, and provides a cost-effective risk reduction and safety center for your entire organization across all departments and locations.

Two construction workers talking. Two construction workers talking.

Reduce risks and injuries while improving profitability


The Risk Management Center can help you proactively manage your risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce claims, losses and associated costs.


  • Meet OSHA hazard communication requirements
  • Access a best-practices safety library
  • Train employees efficiently and effectively
  • And much more

Comprehensive risk management platform that eliminates the need for multiple programs


You’ll have access to a complete library of safety and risk management materials based on industry best practices.

Woman working at desk. Woman working at desk.

Benefits at a Glance


  • Easy access through web-based applications
  • Tools for a true behavior-based safety program
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Improve profitability through reduced costs and increased productivity
  • No internal development or maintenance costs
  • Customized to your organization’s needs
  • Used by over 45,000 organizations worldwide

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Man in HAZMAT suit sanitizing workspace. Man in HAZMAT suit sanitizing workspace.

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