Online Benefits Enrollment


Eliminate paper forms, reduce errors and create digital files.

Online enrollment is simpler with FBBIenroll


FBBIenroll, a leading provider of HR and benefits software, can help streamline benefits enrollment for your company and your employees.


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Advantages of online enrollment


  • Digital files are created - no more paper files to maintain
  • Dashboards and tracking tools to keep you up-to-date on enrollment progress
  • Convenient messaging tool to remind employees of approaching deadlines
  • Custom reporting for billing reconciliation and payroll deductions

Your employees will like it, too


  • Ability to see only the plans for which they are eligible
  • Compare plans side-by-side and view the cost per pay period
  • View benefit summaries at any time with the FBBIenroll iOS mobile app
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Manage all of your HR processes in one place


FBBIenroll can help you streamline and simplify your processes


  • Only one login and password is needed for onboarding, benefits and HR
  • Increase employee engagement with mobile HR tools and push notifications
  • Set up employees in FBBIenroll once and their information syncs across the entire system
  • Maintain compliance and adherence to company policies


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