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Mortgage Refinance


Who doesnโ€™t want a lower house payment or fewer years to pay on their loan?

Less is more


Lower your monthly payment so you can enjoy more room in your budget


Reduce the term of your loan and pay your house off quicker


Mother reading to her two children Mother reading to her two children

Do your homework

Review your mortgage statement

  • Know how much you have paid down and check your loan balance

Check your credit

  • Review your credit report & credit score

Reduce debt

  • Pay down any existing debt and do not add any new debt

Talk to a Trustmark mortgage lender

  • Know what options are available to help you accomplish your goal

What a refinance could mean for you


  • Lower interest rate
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Fewer years to pay off your loan
  • Swapping an adjustable rate loan for a fixed rate loan
Woman with her dog Woman with her dog