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Knowledge is Power

Interpreting ACH Records


Combine the advantages of electronic payment with an interpretation of your Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions to increase your posting accuracy and timeliness while reducing paperwork and credit risk with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Alert.


man working on a laptop man working on a laptop

Reconcilement made easy


Maintain a clear view of your accounts and take a little off your plate with Reconciliation Services designed to improve accuracy, save you time and money, and help prevent fraud. Because what you don’t know could hurt you.


Full Recon provides you with a report of your checks issued against cleared items noting any discrepancies or errors.


Partial Recon provides you with a report of cleared items for you to reconcile.


Make your money work for you


BAI Reporting

Understand your company’s cash position with automated daily BAI reports of your transactions and balances.


Cash Position Reporting

Take full advantage of your money with solutions to assist account balance management.

  • Minimize idle balances
  • Assure appropriate liquidity
  • Reduce borrowing with investment opportunities
  • Analyze funding requirements

Archive your check images


Save time and money with check image products available to you online or CD with Check Image service. Digital records simplify access and provide an easy way to research and manage your business.


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