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Core Values


“Our Core Values form the foundation of who we are and what we believe. They have helped to build Trustmark over the last 131 years and will continue to guide us as we serve each other, our customers, our communities and our shareholders.”


Jerry Host | CEO 2010-2020, Executive Chairman 2020 - Present

What sets us apart


Our Core Values form the cornerstone of our company and demonstrate our commitment to our associates, customers, shareholders and communities. We embrace these values and strive to live them to the fullest every day.

L to R: Duane Dewey, Jerry Host

Duane Dewey and Jerry Host Duane Dewey and Jerry Host

“Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our culture and are essential to exemplifying our core values, meeting our business objectives and achieving our vision. We recognize and respect our associates for their uniqueness as individuals, and draw upon their diverse cultural backgrounds, talents and perspectives in order to foster an inclusive environment, not only throughout our company, but also in the communities we serve.”

Duane Dewey | CEO 2020 - Present



The quality of being honest and fair


We are trustworthy.

We are ethical and honest.

We strive to do the right thing.

Two women shaking hands. Two women shaking hands.

“Integrity is the soul of a banker. In everything that you say or do, when someone is relying upon what you say or do, you must be completely honest, truthful and forthright.”

J.T. Brown | CEO 1949-1976



The assistance and advice provided by a company


We are reliable and responsive.

We are committed to making our communities a better place.

We strive for excellence.

Associate advising clients Associate advising clients

“Service no longer applies to just getting things done; it describes getting them done in an exceptional way.”

Frank Day | CEO 1982-1996



The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions


We are accountable to our customers, communities, shareholders and ourselves.

Businessman explaining a proposal. Businessman explaining a proposal.

“Whether it is planning for today or tomorrow, we are keenly aware of our responsibilities and obligations to our customers, community and state.”

Robert M. Hearin | President 1958-1968



The way in which people or things are connected


We focus on our customers first.

We invest in and value lasting relationships.

We are respectful of one another.

Four people standing at a work table. Four people standing at a work table.

“The attitude of involvement spills over into the everyday work habits of employees.”

Alvis Hunt | President 1977-1992



Something that solves a problem


We provide high levels of expertise.

We practice a can-do attitude.

We think creatively and are open to new ideas.

Four telephone support specialists Four telephone support specialists

“It is only when associates succeed that a company succeeds.”

Richard Hickson | CEO 1996-2009