Mobile Wallet

Make payments securely using your mobile device.

Each mobile wallet has specific instructions for adding a card and completing a mobile payment. The mobile wallet option can be found on mobile devices or you can perform a search online for instructions. Mobile payments from a Trustmark account may be enabled by adding Trustmark debit or consumer credit card information to a mobile wallet.

In Store
Many in-store terminals are equipped to accept mobile payments. Look for the contactless payment symbol, or ask about mobile payments at checkout. To make a payment, simply hold your device approximately 10 cm from the terminal.
In Apps
Many devices include access to mobile wallet with a swipe. Touch ID or Face ID authentication. Mobile payment providers can be found in app descriptions.
Many online merchants accept mobile payments for cardless transactions. A list of mobile payment providers can be found at checkout.
Bill Pay
Receive and pay monthly bills through your smartphone's native mobile wallet.

The security of mobile wallet is overseen by the provider, such as Apple, Google, PayPal or others. Authentication measures, such as Touch ID, Face ID, passwords and security codes, should always be enabled when available on a mobile device.

Trustmark does not charge a fee to add a debit or consumer credit card to a mobile wallet, nor does Trustmark charge a fee for mobile payments made through a mobile payment provider (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.).

Mobile payment providers may include a surcharge for certain payments, such as a 3% same-day payment made with a credit card. Terms and conditions are provided by each mobile payment provider.

Person-to-Person Payments
Mobile wallets may be linked with person-to-person (P2P) payment providers, such as Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Square Cash or Apple Pay Cash in Messages.

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