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December 07, 2020
Building Wealth

Online Banking Features You Should Have


It’s amazing how quickly something can go from being seen as an implausible new concept to an essential everyday tool. It wasn’t long ago that online banking was the new kid on the block, and nobody was sure how it would play out. Today, online banking is a vital component of financial management for millions of people.


Since online and mobile banking are practically everywhere, there’s no reason to miss out on the unparalleled convenience provided by these services. Here, we’ll explore some of the online banking features that offer a safe and secure way to bank.



Digital wallet integration


As the years go by, it’s going to be less and less likely you’ll be asked, “Cash or card?” Instead, the question might as well be, “Cash, card or smartphone?” Digital wallets are making it easier to pay for services online and in person, using contactless point-of-sale terminals and streamlined virtual checkouts. In fact, a June 2019 survey from Juniper Research predicted that, worldwide, 4 billion people would use digital wallets by 2024.


Trustmark offers customers the option to conveniently integrate debit and credit cards into a third-party mobile wallet for no fee.


Online bill pay


From your phone bill to subscription services, cable, electricity, gas and other utilities, you undoubtedly have a variety of bills to manage. Navigating several different payment portals and a whole host of due dates throughout the month can make things complicated. To make sure you don’t incur any late fees, automatic bill pay is a time-saving online banking feature worth checking out.


Trustmark’s Bill Pay solution affords customers the opportunity to pay an unlimited number of bills per month from a centralized location. In addition, this online banking feature boasts payment scheduling, same-day transfers and a responsive calendar.


External transfers between financial institutions


Do you have checking, saving or investment accounts held at different institutions? There are several reasons this might be the case. Maybe your employer-sponsored 401(k) plan is managed by a different company than your preferred bank for your personal checking account. Also, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) has deposit limits. You may choose to spread your assets out among multiple banks in order to make sure your accounts are entirely protected by FDIC insurance.


With External Transfer from Trustmark, you can easily move funds back and forth as needed with outside accounts.


Top account management features of online banking


Online banking should do more than make it easier for you to spend money. It should help you budget and accept funds as well. Here are some of the best online banking features for managing your hard-earned assets.


Money management apps


One of the most important strategies for achieving your financial goals is the ability to follow through with carefully thought-out plans. Invariably, this will involve some amount of budgeting. After all, how are you supposed to pay off debt, save for big purchases and invest in your future if you’re overspending on optional purchases month after month?


It’s no surprise that mobile budgeting apps are popular. By using smart technology to help you categorize and track your purchases — as well as compare your actual activity to your budget goals — these apps can help you stick to a plan and unlock long-term financial gains.


Trustmark’s Financial Tools service allows you to integrate all of your bank accounts, loans, credit cards and investments into one simple program to monitor spending and keep up with your finances.


Mobile deposits


Of course, it would be easier if everything was online, but you’ll still get a paper check every once in a while. Fortunately, online banking makes it easier to access those funds without having to deposit the check in person. Mobile deposits offer you the ability to endorse your check at home, take a picture of it with your mobile phone, send that picture to the bank and watch the money pile up in your account.


Mobile deposits are becoming more and more common. An American Bankers Association study from November 2019 found that 46% of the mobile banking users surveyed had deposited a check this way sometime in the last year.


Most Trustmark customers who initiate a mobile deposit before 9 p.m. on a weekday can expect their funds to be processed the same day.


Explore all of the online banking features available from Trustmark


At Trustmark, we’re working every day to ensure that our customers have access to the convenient online banking features they need to manage their money. Download the myTrustmark® app today to enjoy all of the features above and to see just how easy online banking can be!


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