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Talledega College

Construction of a new residence hall and student center to serve the college’s student body and the community-at-large.

Project highlights


Type: Community Facility

Location: Talledega, AL; Non-metro


Federal NMTC Allocation: $20,000,000

Southern Community Capital: $6,000,000

Other Community Development Entities: $14,000,000


Construction Jobs: 26

Jobs created and retained: 46

This project included the construction of a new 41,700 square foot student center that includes a health clinic, bookstore, convenience store, café, classroom space, and an arena for intercollegiate athletics, as well as a new student residence hall at Talledega College.


The versatile, multi-functional student center also provides event space to host campus graduations and convocations, along with events & banquets for the community. The facility has become a key asset in expanding the physical plant and improving service to the campus and local community. 


Project Impact

  • Talledega College can better serve the educational, health and social needs of its student body, as well as the surrounding rural community
  • Access to grocery, dining, health, retail, and entertainment options, which are limited in this rural area, has helped many struggling families and residents
  • The full-service health clinic offers a wide variety of services – including adult, pediatric, and women’s care services – to the student body and the medically-underserved surrounding area