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Waterfront Rescue Mission

Waterfront Rescue Mission (WRM), a nonprofit shelter serving the homeless population of Mobile, Alabama since 1949, operates a full-service rescue and recovery center for those in need.

Project highlights


Type: Community Facility

Location: Mobile, AL; Metro


Federal NMTC Allocation: $7,500,000


Construction Jobs: 61

Jobs created and retained: 60

This project renovated and built a homeless campus located at the corner of Congress Street and Washington Avenue, along with adjoining property located at the corner of Washington Avenue and State Street in Mobile, Alabama. The property at Congress and Washington consists of one existing building, which as a part of the construction process, was demolished, rebuilt and is now occupied by Waterfront Rescue Mission


A second building was constructed on the same property and is being leased to another community organization that assists the WRM in their mission to serve the homeless population of Mobile. The organization offers many assistance programs, including community care centers, drug and alcohol recovery programs, career development programs, and educational & vocational training, including graduate programs.


WRM offers a seven-month program to help with recovery and career placement.


Project Impact

  • Increased the number of available beds for those seeking shelter
  • Provided the additional space needed for WRM to provide many other services to the community